domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2016


white flare pants daniel wellington

All I want for Christmas is : DW. A watch isn't just to know the time. They became a part of fashion and from some time now we have noted that they're most valuable piece of our outfit. As the new Classic Black Collection from Daniel Wellington.  A sophisticated black dial for a bold yet subtle look.

Modern classics that will attract the eyes of everyone you meet. The Classic Black Sheffield with a black strap made from genuine Italian leather and a distinctive dial, the Classic Black Sheffield is a sophisticated timepiece that adds confidence and attitude to your style. 

With its distinctive dial and all-black NATO strap, the  Classic Black Cornwall Rose Gold is a true eye-catcher that embodies the timeless and elegant characteristics of the flagship Classic collection. With a sleek design and a captivating essence, this is a modern Classic made for every occasion. 

Match your DW watch with the Classic Cuff Rose Gold or Silver. They were designed to reflect the beauty of this minimalist timepieces.
I like the pastels shades of this coat and white flared pants brighten any winter outfit, but also love how easily they pair with each other when you need a quick outfit!

Daniel Wellington

Todo lo que quiero para Navidad es un: DW.  Un reloj no es sólo para saber la hora. De un tiempo a esta parte se han convertido en una parte muy importante de nuestros estilismos. Como la nueva Colección Classic Black de  Daniel Wellington. La sofisticada esfera de color negro le aporta una imagen atrevida y sutil al mismo tiempo. Ofrece un estilo realmente elegante, sin pretensiones.
Son clásicos modernos que no pasaran deseapercibidos. La correa negra de auténtica piel italiana y su singular esfera aportan al  Classic Black Sheffield  un toque sofisticado que resaltará tu estilo.

La singular esfera y su correa NATO totalmente negra atraerán todas las miradas al Classic Black Cornwall, un reloj que refleja la elegancia y atemporalidad de la emblemática Colección Classic. Su elegante diseño y fascinante imagen convierten a este clásico moderno en el complemento ideal para cualquier ocasión. 

Empareja tu DW con el Classic Cuff Rose Gold o Silver. Estos brazaletes se han diseñado para reflejar la belleza minimalista de los relojes. 

Me encantan los tonos pastel del abrigo combinados con los pantalones blancos iluminan cualquier look de invierno pero también me gusta lo fácil que combinan unos con otros cuando necesitas un outfit rápido!

white flare pants daniel wellington
Daniel Wellington
white flare pants daniel wellington
Daniel Wellington
white flare pants daniel wellington
Daniel Wellington
white flare pants daniel wellington
Daniel Wellington
white flare pants daniel wellington
white flare pants daniel wellington
white flare pants daniel wellington
white flare pants daniel wellington
white flare pants Daniel Wellington
white flare pants Daniel Wellington
white flare pants Daniel Wellington
white flare pants Daniel Wellington
white flare pants Daniel Wellington
white flare pants Daniel Wellington
white flare pants Daniel Wellington
white flare pants Daniel Wellington

These two timepieces and cuffs have been my early Christmas gift and if you want to treat yourself or make the perfect gift to your relatives pick and choose from a wide selection at Daniel Wellington web site. There are #DWforEveryone 💝

Use my code <MYLADYTRENDS>  and get a 15% OFF in all #danielwellington website till January 15th. The perfect gift for Christmas for your loved ones  💕  Shop my watch here.
Estos relojes y sus brazaletes han sido mi primer regalo de Navidad. Si quieres darte un capricho o hacer el regalo perfecto para tu familia escoge entre la amplia selección en la web  Daniel Wellington. Hay un #DWforEveryone 💝  Compra mi reloj aquí.

Utiliza mi código <MYLADYTRENDS>  y tendrás un descuento del 15% en todos los productos de la web hasta el 15 de enero. 💕

Daniel Wellington

 coat : Zara //  blouse : Michael Kors  // pants : Zara  // 
suede heels : Gloria Ortiz (El Corte Inglés) //  bag : Kenneth Cole 
watches and cuffs : Daniel Wellington

Photos : Lady Trends 

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  1. In love with this watch! I have the same but in white. This watch is a such a beauty combined with the cuff. As for your ourfit, is just amazing, cozy and so chic! Have a great week dear Rosa. Helene/

  2. My dear! I love so much how you are dressed up! All the pieces are so pretty!! you combined everything so well!
    Wish you a good one!

  3. What a CLASSY and gorgeous look my dear Rosa Mari! You look absolutely amazing! Love, love love the white pants!!! This DW watch is such a timeless piece, I love all their collection and how versatile these pieces are! Totally my style and you wore them to perfection! Still remember your amazing flatly on instagram with these babies! But then again, I could never expect anything less from you! Your aesthetics are beyond amazing!
    Thanks so much for sharing this amazing look, and have a great start to the week my dear!
    Much love,

  4. Como me gustan los relojes DW. Sin duda son maravillosos para combinar nuestros outfits, además de tener una sencillez y elegancia... Qué decirte del look que has elegido! FANTÁSTICO! Tu estilo elegante, atemporal y clásico me encantan, no hay día que defraudes!! Estás guapísima Rosa Mari!!
    Feliz semana,

    Gabi. Stars & Beauty

  5. Such a gorgeous holiday look. Always looking AMAZING doll.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Happy holidays!
    Much love, Len

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  7. Love this super chic look! Perfect for both the office and a drink or two afterwards! :)

    Perfect heels too! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  8. You look so chic and cool hun...and I love your watch....xx, Neha

  9. The watch is a timeless piece, it can be worn when trends come and go. You look very elegant I dare say too, wishing you a great day.

  10. The watch is a timeless piece, it can be worn when trends come and go. You look very elegant I dare say too, wishing you a great day.

  11. Beyond gorgeous! Perfect winter look! Love your watch babe. SOP CUTE! Happy weekend!
    much love, Len

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